Low & Slow Brisket Smoking

Items Needed: Brisket (15-17lb range is best) We LOVE Snake River Farms American Wagyu Black Grade https://www.snakeriverfarms.com/american-wagyu-brisket.html We are not sponsored nor have a business relationship at this time with Snake River Farms however we have found their beef to be amongst the best. Your favorite beef rub Salt and pepper work great too PlentyContinue reading “Low & Slow Brisket Smoking”

Smoked Beef Short Ribs in a Wine Bath

This recipe will leave your short ribs tender and melting in your mouth… a favorite in our house!                 We love this rib recipe on a bed of nice creamy polenta or whipped mashed potatoes and crispy shaved Brussel sprouts. Prep Time 20 mins + meat refrigerating with rub over night Cook time 7-8 hoursContinue reading “Smoked Beef Short Ribs in a Wine Bath”